Capture Magic SD

Capture Magic SD. Record quality DV, DVCPro25 and DVCPro50 direct to disk from multiple cameras.


  • Support standard definition consumer DV, DVCPro25 and DVCPro50.
  • Record from multiple DV cameras at the same time.
  • Record directly from camera straight to disk saving time.
  • No generational loss caused because of a decompression/compression cycle.
  • Time-lapse recording.
  • Stop animation support.
  • Preview monitor with helpful guides to compose a shot.
  • Preview different aspect ratios.
  • Luminance and chroma zebras to highlight broadcast illegal areas.
  • Scale and flip the preview to support 35mm lenses and anamorphic lenses.
  • Weighted waveform monitor.
  • Colored waveform monitor to help track down problem areas of the picture.
  • RGB parade.
  • Weighted vectorscope to check colors.
  • Colored vectorscope to help track down problem areas.
  • Luminance histogram to help contrast.
  • RGB histogram.
  • Pause input for accurate analysis.

System Recommendation

  • Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
  • A 1Ghz G4 or Intel based Mac with at least one Firewire port.
  • Video cameras that connect via Firewire and output DV, DVCPro25 or DVCPro50. Many HDV cameras have the option to output DV.
  • This is a recommendation only. We suggest that you download the trial version and check that it works with your system set up and cameras.
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Welcome to Capture Magic SD

With Capture Magic SD you can record exceptionally high quality DV, DVCPro25 and DVCPro50 direct to disk from multiple cameras. The clean and minimal user interface maximizes your work area and efficiently lays out all the tools you need.

Capture Magic SD also provides you with a host of tools that you can use in a studio or on location. Tools that traditionally cost thousands of dollars are now included so you can record amazing quality video that is demanded by todays broadcasters and their viewers.

If you are recording interviews in a studio, sports or musical events, or even a video pod-cast, Capture Magic SD will ensure that video footage you record is of the highest quality.

Record Direct to Disk

Recording directly to disk minimizes the need to buy and carry new tapes, gives you much more storage capacity, and lessens the chances of corrupt or dropped frames caused by problems with old or damaged tapes. And when it is time to edit your video, all your footage is waiting and ready for you on your computer. Fire up your non-linear editor and get productive immediately.

Multiple Camera Support

Monitor and record footage from multiple cameras at the same time. This is great for interviews. Just imagine, you can have two cameras set up for close-up shots of the interviewer and interviewee, and a third camera for a wider shot of both people. You can check all three cameras have the same color and lighting balance, and that each camera is recording legally for your final format.

If you are recording an on location event, be it sports, music or any other type, multiple cameras will allow you cover a wide area of the event with cameras located in different locations and framed for different shots.

Ensure Maximum Quality

Using waveform Monitors, vectorscopes, RGB parades and histograms you can ensure that the picture you record from the cameras are of perfect quality and broadcast legal. And because you can be monitoring from multiple cameras you can ensure their color balance matches perfectly!

Waveform monitors are the tool of choice for getting a well exposed shot. The vectorscope lets you check that your colors are vibrant, but not so vibrant that they will bleed on a TV.

As well as standard monochrome weighted waveform monitors and vectorscopes, Capture Magic SD also provides colored versions that make it much easier to spot the problem areas.

Time-lapse and Stop Motion

New in version 1.1 is support for time-lapse recording. With this great feature you can record spectacular video showing the awesome power of nature. This could be rolling clouds speeding through the sky; the tide sweeping in and out of the beach; or even the shadows of a lone sun beat cactus crawling across desert sands!
Sky of Vancouver Canada, June 24 2007. One frame every 30 seconds

Also new in version 1.1 is support for stop motion animation. With Capture Magic you can tweak each frame, and then when you are ready you can record that single frame.

Special Lens Support

Do you have a 35mm lens attached to your camera and the image is rotated 180 degrees? Not to worry, with Capture Magic you can set negative scale factors to rotate the image 180 degrees too!

Or maybe you use a special anamorphic lens to get a true anamorphic 2.40:1 aspect ratio? Capture Magic will allow you to set up scale factors for the preview so that you can see what you are filming at the final aspect ratio.