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Apple Remote Support

Apple RemoteWith the launch of Capture Magic HD came a version 1.2 update for Capture Magic SD. Both these products have support for a cool new feature. If you are lucky enough to own a Mac that shipped with an Apple Remote, then you can use this remote to stop and start recording from across the room. This is great when you are focusing your attention on your talent. You don’t need to step away from them to start recording!

To use the remote, first go into the Preferences and enable the Apple Remote. One enabled, Front Row (the Apple application that uses the remote) will no longer work while Capture Magic is the active application. Instead, Capture Magic uses the remote. To start recording press the Play/Pause button on the remote – that’s the big one towards the top of the remote. You’ll hear a beep and recording has started. Once you are done, press the Play/Pause button again and recording stops and you get another beep to let you know.

If you have other ideas that you think the remote can be used for then let us know and we will look at integrating the best features that are suggested.